Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

erp5Enterprise resource planning (ERP) are utilized in integrating information across an entire organization. The main areas of concern is in accounting, manufacturing, sales, service, and customer relationship management (CRM). An effective ERP solution will essentilly automate many tasks and processes with integrated software. ERP applications are used to enable the flow of information within business functions and manage connections to the stakeholders.

PWSI can develop/deploy and manage ERP software that is based on what best meets the specific requirements and technical aspects of the client. ERP modules can be focused on specific processes, such as marketing or human resources. Important functions of an effective ERP solution consist of  purchasing, finance, inventory management, supply chain, customer service, distribution and accounting.

The basic goal of an ERP is to use a centralized location for shared information by the entire organization.


Easy Installation and data integration that does not require massive workload on the client IT Department

One single database for the system which supports all applications.

Consistency in the design of the system

"Real Time" system updates


Implementing an ERP will usually requires changes in existing business processes of the organization. Project failure is avoided by taking steps and advice the team at PWSI can provide. Analysis of current business processes should be completed before the implementation of a new system. This analysis can identify the need to upgrade the current process and provides the review of current processes staying in line with the new elements of the ERP system.

It is advisable to match the organizational active processes to the overall strategy of the business

Each process should be carefully reviewed and determined the effectiveness of this.

Businesses that use different processes, and varied rules of management, will often require a complete review to implement a system such as an ERP. Some elements of the "old way" of doing things may get lost, however the use of centralizing data and systems will typically show an advntage in the long run. 

PWSI can develop, deploy and manage custom ERP solutions for organizations of all sizes and is currently research a SAAS ERP solution for our clients. Contact Technical Sales for more information and documentation.