Information Technology Services

softwareappsThe PWSI team focuses on providing the best practice to use information technology to bolster and deploy your business objectives. We focus on understanding the expectations of our clients, and the respective organization. Clearly defined roles will be set in IT projects to ensure the effective solution to be completed on time and right. The services we provide are for our clients requirements and we advise the best manner to do this. The visualization of the end product, service or system is important to remember.....

"What will all this do for my company or me?" "What can I use technology for to make this run better?" 

Software Development | Training Solutions | Tech Consulting

We offer full consultancy services, and can handle the following

Management of the actual project and team

Implementation of the system or devices

Infrastructure of technical operations

Governance control of assigned roles

Estimatation of your project costs

Maintenance ongoing services

Administration  IT systems

Deployment Services

Testing and review

projectsProject Management

The most successful projects will require vision and decisive management in order for change or updates to occur within a business. The project leadership we can provide, revolves around experience and skills which are usually not found within a company focused on day-to-day operations in their industry.

The evolving pace of technology changes, require projects and programs to trust and seek assistance from outside expertise. We can provide this a wide range of specific skill sets to your company.