About Us

PWSI Systems and Technology, is a veteran owned full-service technology firm offering a wide range of innovative online and information system solutions. We offer intelligent answers/solutions to strategic online systems and custom applications for businesses and organizations of all sizes. For over ten years, we’ve supported the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and multinational corporations.

We focus on innovative solutions that facilitate interactive online dialogue, ecommerce, information sharing, virtual community and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Formally established in 2006, managed and owned by Veterans, we support full-time developers, programmers, designers and SEO/Internet marketing specialists with a wide range of skills for remote support.


Have a Common Purpose
- Conceive as a social institution with an affirming purpose/values, Contribute to society

Have a Long-Term Focus
- Generate a long-term focus that justifies possible short-term sacrifices to endure over time
- Embed logic and invest in the human-side by spreading strategic and operational information

Emotional Engagement
- Evoke positive emotions, stimulate motivation, propel SELF-REGULATION, as well as peer regulation
- "Moods" are contagious!!! So have a good one :)
- Staying positive, polite, innovative in nature whilst grounded in our purpose
- Keep challenging nature to minimums, while pushing competitive awareness, TEAMWORK, TEAMBUILDING "I grow, You grow, We Grow"
- "Routinize" The charisma of innovation and support, it spreads!

Partner with the Public
- Consider public and societal interests in our projects/services
- Contribute to the public agenda
- See ourselves as having a societal purpose

- Always allow new sources of Innovation and allow expression of personal values
- Allow submission of personal project Ideas and develop them into Vision were applicable
- Provide standard of Innovation within realm of our ability as a company

- Treat everyone on our team as individuals as self-determining professionals who coordinate and integrate activities by self-organization
- Provide tools to allow all to coordinate from anywhere with an internet connection (Cloud, SaaS)
- Provide feedback of performance

PWSI, has entered its 10th year of of delivering unmatched IT services to individuals and businesses of every size and spanning every industry sector. Rated as one of the best in the industry for hosting services, application development to custom web design and development.


Convergence - tendency for our different technological systems evolving towards performing similar tasks
Staying Balanced (Real terms, focused and committed, sharing our processes, Communication)
"What do we want to do?" "What do we want to be?" "What do we want to contribute"
Compelling Arguments (Does it contribute? How does it help others/clients?)
Our Core Ideology and Envisioned Future should be one in the same
We will continue to have the ability to visualize and implement
Ideas vs. Vision (Turning ideas into vision)
We Believe in Good life vs. Vision

We develop and employ strategies to help you.